Monday, April 17, 2006


I had a chance to sample some of the great content from the library track of HigherEdBlogCon over the past week. Definitely worth checking out. I love the fact that all of the materials are available indefinitely online, taking the time specific aspect out of the conference experience. Very cool all the way around.

If you're interested in podcasting definitely take a listen to Chris Kertz's presentation on the Dowling College Library Omnibus. He did a great job of talking about how their amazing podcast came into existence. The Omnibus is more along the lines of my initial vision for Listen Up! than what we ended up being able to do in reality. But I think the format seems to fit the community, collections etc of Dowling better than it does here.

To re-emphasize a couple of his points, if you're thinking about podcasting in your library, really look at what makes you unique. Do you have special collections? Ongoing program series? Relationships with other areas of your school/ community? Use those things that make you special in your podcasting and you'll have a great way to reach out and work with your communities. No matter what format your podcasts take, examining those areas will make a great listening experience.

Chris and his collaborators at Dowling do a fantastic job at this and are a great model for any libraries currently podcasting or thinking about it in the future.


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