Thursday, April 20, 2006

iPod Day

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My presentation at iPod Day at Georgia College went well. It was just a 10 minute overview of what we're doing with podcasting, so nothing too major. I was initially excited to use a Mac for the first time but the laptop on the podium was just for show. Presentations were being run from a computer on the floor. I forgot to ask which button on the remote moved slides forward but once I figured it out it was fairly smoooth sailing.

All of the other presenters and the vast majority of people attending were looking at podcasting from a pedagogical angle so I was the odd man out. Which actually was pretty interesting. Some of the other presenters were doing very nice things w/ iPods in the classroom. Some of the presentations should be online soon so I'll share a few when they are.

The Apple reps talked about the new iLife suite and iTunes U. iLife looked very cool, especially the podcasting features in the new Garageband. Lots of integrated features for adding iTunes specific content like video, still images, chapters, equalizing different channels. Made me want to look into maybe buying a Mac!

I had heard most of the info in the iTunes U presentation before. It seems like they are generating a huge interest among different places who want to use it when it goes live beyond the trial schools. One of the Apple reps told me that unlike regular iTunes, iTunes U will work for downloading to any brand of mp3 player. If true, that alleviates some of my concerns about the propriatary issues of the project.

The Apple folks kept giving me cards for free iTunes downloads too since I jokingly outed myself as a non-iPod user in my talk. An actually iPod might have been more effective in converting me though. Hint hint. We also got free iLife software. Again, a Mac to go with it would be nice!

All in all a very fun and informative day. We even got to take a break to see the Tour de Georgia ride by the building.


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