Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And Then There Were Three

Greetings from the last day of finals. Spending the afternoon watching three people study and doing some emailing. This is always a weird time in academic libraryland, right after the research paper rush and before the actual break when you can make noise moving books and things around. We spend several weeks with a steady stream of people who desperately need to find 3 books and 5 articles on the culture of Samoa and then nothing. Not even a "How do I print from wifi" or "Why do I have to use a swipe card to make copies". Although I don't really miss the copy questions.

But at least people are using us as a study hall. And are actually studying. No sleeping bags, coolers and coffee maker like a future panel colleague had this week but still a good number of folks pouring over the books. And even more taking advantage of our 1 extended evening hour than any previous semester, probably saving the extra hour from extinction.

We did get several folks stop by the desk this week to say thanks for helping them with their papers and letting us know how they did though. I'm always fuzzy on exactly what I helped them with (even though they assume that I remember as though it were yesterday) but it's very cool that they appreciate the help.

Of course we'll miss the quiet in a week or 2 when the copier questions start up again!

Note: More of an obscure album reference this time but it can share the category.


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You got it anonymous! And you win the prize for first comment too. I'll get those right out to you. :)


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