Monday, May 08, 2006

Apple Tops Beatles

Apple can still us its apple logo on iTunes, according to a ruling today. The Beatles had clamied that the use of the logo in a muscial context violated a previous settlement over the use of the apple logo, which does kinda but not really look like the Beatles Apple Records logo. This probably won't make the Beatles any more likely to license their music for online purchase, but who knows.

In other Apple news, my new iBook G4 is getting a tour of Atlanta on a FedEx truck today. I was sort of in the market for a new laptop so I decided to go the Mac route this time. I'm going to start experimenting with Garageband for some of my podcast production over the summer, which will hopefully lead to some cool new stuff. I've always used PCs so the new laptop will be an interesting transition. Apple has new ads featuring John Hodgman too.


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