Tuesday, May 16, 2006

City of New Orleans

Due to some last minute travel money changes, I found out last week that I'm going to be going to ALA in New Orleans this year. Even without Michael Gorman's .....something..... I'm not a huge fan of ALA's value as a professional organization, outside of being able to join ACRL and getting points on my evaluation every year. But maybe that will change with the new president.

I did attend the Annual Meeting when it was in here in Atlanta a few years ago and found it to be an OK conference. And there were some decent looking programs this year as well, including a talk by Chris Anderson of long tail fame. And the experience of being in New Orleans less than year after Katrina will be an added bonus. I haven't been sure I wanted to go back and see what's happened to NOLA but now that the opportunity is there, I'm looking at it as a unique experience.

I added my blog to the list on the wiki and I'm sure I'll post a good bit as my hotel claims free wifi. Maybe not as much about the sessions as the overall experience though. Looking forward to the bloggers/ LA & Gulf Coast librarians reception too. There should be lots of interesting stories to tell and hear at the conference. Good podcasting opportunity??

OSR: Arlo Guthrie is too easy. Tell me who wrote it and I'll give you some sort of free swag or a beer or coffee if you're going to ALA. Familymembersofdavidsrandomstuffnoteligibleforfreeswagbeercoffee.


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