Monday, May 15, 2006

Face The Facebook

During some downtime last week I followed up on my last social networking post and set up a Facebook page. I don't have any friends from MPOW yet, but it is semester break. One thing I though about after setting up the account was "Ok, now what?" and wondered how other librarians who are on Facebook are presenting themselves and what they're doing with the service. Since Facebook seems to not want you to set up groups outside of your primary network, a librarians group option (like the great ones in Flickr) won't work.

So if anyone out there is on Facebook, I would like to be your friend! You can find me by searching "david free". I'm the one at Georgia Perimeter. Maybe if we had enough librarians (and libraries) who were all friends with each other that would be a way to share how we're using Facebook to reach our users.


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