Friday, May 19, 2006

Podcast Dump

Been sitting on a few podcast links and the list keeps growing. So here we go....

All technical controversy aside, the ALA Library 2.0 bootcamp has some interesting looking podcast content available about a wide range of L2 related topics, including the world podcast debut of Meredith Farkas and a discussion of a new podcast studio at Case Western Reserve U.

Remember the iPod iNovations Day I went to? Apparently, neither do the folks who put in on since they never got around to putting the presentations online like they promised. Or the video. I did want to point out one great podcast project that got discussed at the meeting. Brian Mumma of the GC&SU Education Department interviews public school students in the Milledgeville area about their thoughts on school and education in a project called "This Adolescent Life". The interviews are used in exposing potential educators to the views of their future students. Unfortunately I can't find a way to listen to the actual content, but there are a couple of interviews about the project on this page and an excerpt here. Mumma played some of the content, including a rap called something like I Hate My Teacher, in the session and they were great!

David King runs through some podcasting/ webcasting microphone options in this handy post. Definitely worth a look if you're interested in podcast production. Or are going to be doing any webcasting. I've had my eye on the Blue Snowball for a while.

And on a related podcast production note, make sure to check out Greg Schwartz's podcast creation SirsiDynix webinar on Wednesdsay, May 24th. I'll be heading to Chicago that day so no webinar for me. But I believe SirsiDynix does eventually make the content available free online.

Due to the start of classes on Monday and being out of town blogging will grind to a trickle for a while. (How's that for a mixed metaphor?) But I'll be baaaack.


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