Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hollywood Librarian

Went to the screening of 35 minutes of footage from "The Hollywood Librarian" Sunday night. The room was packed with people who wanted to see a not even closed to done movie about librarians! Of course we were all librarians, but still. The filmmaker Ann Seidl talked for a while about the movie and the filmmaking process before showing the footage for the first time. She was super excited and a little nervous about people seeing it but it went very well.

The rough edit wasn’t a problem at all. Lots of great footage of real life librarians talking about their jobs mixed w/ movie clips. It’ll take some clearance money for some of the clips to be in finished product, but was a great contrast. Lots of footage of UW-M students doing thr book car drill team. My co-workers and I had just been talking about the drill team stuff at dinner so a happy coincidence to see the footage. Some of the team members were at the screening too.

There was the expected plea for money to finish the movie at the end and lots of people threw in cash or CC donations. There’s a Paypal button on the film website if you wanna donate. She read some funny rejection letters from NIH too. Apparently a film about librarians isn’t very humanities. Or something like that. Hope the movie gets completed. Will at least be a fun viewing for folks in the library community.


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