Friday, June 16, 2006

More Gwinnett County

I'm still pretty fascinated by the Gwinnett County PL controversy. The library board still refuses to give any public reasons for firing Jo Ann Pinder. And it appears that the board members who voted to fire her may have violated open meeting laws by discussing their plans for the board meeting where the firing took place prior to the meeting. And "forgot" to invite the one board member who supported Pinder to attend the prossibly illegal pre-meeting meeting.

Jessamyn West had a great overview of the controversy yesterday that discussed the local control and minority group/ human rights angle of the issues. Very interesting discussion in the comments.

And this editorial from today's AJC gives a broad take on the situation, touching on many of the issues that possibly lead to the firing. The editorial concludes:

"While there appears to be a divide over whether the library ought to resemble a museum or a Barnes & Noble, the library board took the wrong tact in firing Pinder without a public airing of the issues."

No joke. Gotta love government in action.

Oh, our former mayor here in Atlanta just got sentenced to 30 months in federal prison too. No library angle, except I hope there's one in his jail so he'll have something to read.

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