Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh Katrina

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Greetings from the convention center. Wifi works very well! Unfortunately the conference activities are taking place as far away from my hotel as possible while still being in the convention center. It is HUGE! But other than that everything is running smoothly so far.

Here are a few pics from my Katrina tour yesterday. The rest are in my Flickr ALA set.

This line of debris ran the whole length of what used to be a strip mall:

parking lot debris

This used to be a house:

collapsed house 2

This car ended up under a house. Or the house ended up on top of the car:

car detail

One unexpected thing I saw was a tent city set up in the parking lot of a strip mall, mixed in with truck trailers. I didn't get a good pic but there was one "tent" that consisted of a camper top from like an F150 stacked on top of some debris. It seemed like people are actually living here:

tent city 1

Last night I went to the Garden District which seemed pretty much intact. The touchdown Jesus at Loyola is one of my favorite NOLA landmarks:

touchdown jesus

I know I said it yesterday, but it's hard to apreciate the full extent of what Katrina did to NOLA in the French Quarter/ CDB area. If at all possible go just a little ways outside the convention area and take a look. And donate to some of the relief funds present at the conference.


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