Thursday, June 08, 2006

See Also: A biblioblogger visits the local branch library

Blogger lives!!

Make sure to check out Steve Lawson's hilarious A biblioblogger visits the local branch library post if you haven't seen it already. Can't go wrong borrowing from Cory Doctorow.

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying "sucks".

And speaking indirectly of things that usually suck, caught a brief post on Wandering Eyre today saying that Innovative is adding user tagging to an upcoming version of their catalog. Nice. Too bad our state is stuck with Voyager. There's no reason why local tagging shouldn't be added as an option in catalog records. The user who manages to find that one elusively awesome book should be able to make it more accessible for the next person.

I'll be baack, Blogger willing.


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