Saturday, June 24, 2006

Use What They Own - Go Where They Are

Session featured Nancy Davenport and Lynne O'Brien talking about iPods, net generation etc. Not too much I hadn't heard before but some good points on collaboration and reaching out to students where they live. Here are some notes:

  • place as library vs library as place (physically and electronically)
  • think holistically about population
  • think about customer not collection
  • information commons vs learning commons: place where students can collaborate and actively learn vs just getting info
  • rochester u - has anthropologist on staff, teaches librarians how to observe studen behavior
  • colorado college - video ipods for teaching japanese
  • take content to platforms students use
  • try to think of 5 ways to adapt new tech for home or work
  • move learning environment forward, deliver best learning resources for particular student needs at the time
O'Brien (Duke ipod etc projects):
  • students like to MAKE stuff: one class had sudents listen to radio theater from 20s and then create their own 2-s style project (very cool!)
  • podcasting lecture info before class can improve discussion
  • 2nd yr of duke project distribute ipods based on course need
  • lectopia - new duke system for recording/ distributing lectures. claim to get psoted in around an hour
  • new duke library: students established own self policed quiet spaces
  • we need to: work with publishers on providing more media content/ plan for archiving media content
Skipped the questions and caught the last half hour or more of "The Ultimate Debate: Who Controls The Future of Search". Great discussion about library as community and making services more personal. Mentined Ann Arbor DL as great example of library website. Steven Abrams in good form as always. Lots of bloggers there so complete coverage elsewhere I'm sure.


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