Friday, June 23, 2006

Welcome Librarians!

librarian drink specials
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One thing I noticed walking around the French Quarter today was that locals, especially business folks, were very excited that ALA was coming to town. Lots of "welcome librarians" signs in store windows, restaurants opening on Monday when they're usually closed, little jokes and comments about all of the librarians. The volume of people in town for the conference should definitely be a boost to the local economy. So go patronize and drink a SSH! at Johnny White's if you're so inclined.

Also checked out the recently reopened Aquarium of the Americas today. A good number of visitors but not packed. Very cool sea otters and penguins. And an albino aligator. Definitely worth a visit too.

I think there's a conference or something starting tomorrow, so time to get at least a little back in library mode!


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