Tuesday, October 24, 2006

IL 2006 - Alliance Second Life Library

Alliance Second Life Library 2.0: Going Where The Users Are
Lori Bell, Michael Sauers, Tom Peters


ß Second life lib info island video on youtube
ß More and more avatars tired of sex and gambling, looking for other stuff
ß Buildings like trad library, collection, staffed (ref service etc),exhibits, author readings
ß People like meting in lib, safe place

Sauers (reality checks)

ß Tech requirements on SL website
ß Costs $$$
ß Lag time when busy
ß Lots of updates
ß Avatars chance appearance often
ß Some bugs


ß Backup and security big issue – gunfights on info island! [crazy!]
ß Privacy issues
ß Self-inflicted burnout
ß How to make collaborative experience
ß Architecure will evolve away from real architecture
ß Events big

Q: charge for services?
A; no but take donations

Q; For profit company?
A: Owned by private company, publically owned private space,just manages environment, you keep IP of what you make

Q: real world ref qs?
A; some real world some second life related

Q; will 2nd life last? Replaced by new tech?
A; Learning how to put together lib in virtual world, can translate to future formats


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