Tuesday, October 24, 2006

IL 2006 - MySpace and Facebook

MySpace and Facebook – Aaron Schmidt and Cliff Landis


ß Can be frustratingly slow, ads etc
ß Denver pl = cool myspace page (evolver)
ß UIUC Undergrad lib
ß Administrative problems in setting up myspace sites for k-12 schools
ß MySpace videos on YouTube
ß Myspace classes at library, teaching parents about what myspace is and behavior
ß Be authentic
ß Give up control
ß Have fun
ß Consider who want to be
ß Include song/ video
ß MeeboMe widget – IM lib from Myspace
ß Decoding MySpace article in US News – good balanced article about potential problems
ß More danger at home than on Myspace
ß MySpace is fad, but use it while its around part of larger trend
ß MyOwnCafe – library made Myspace for community


ß Nature of representation – why do people use image representation tools?
ß 4th Floor Odum Library Bathroom users group
ß how can facebook benefit? Trad ref/ create groups/ clubs/ marketing/ instruction
ß ask for book suggestion in area where students comfy,
ß ubiquitous librarianship
ß meet user where they are
ß point of need service
ß effective marketing – using flyers etc in facebook
ß “user isn’t broken”
ß library profiles taken down by facebook
ß created ask a librarian group instead of making institutional presence – students can join if they want and ask questions
ß who owns the library? Librarians/ students/ admin all think of library as theirs, work w/ students where they are to reach them

Q: How choose one over the other?
A: Depends on user community. Or don’t necessarily have to choose one.

Q: Use MySpace IM for reference instead of meebo me?
A: MySpace IM kinda sucks. Can’t ad widgets to facebook.

Q: Work around being institution on Facebook?
A: Yes, represent as individual librarian.

Q: How do you deal w/ confidentiality in ref q’s in ask a lib group?
A: Patrons aware that open group.


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous brian said...

good stuff!

At 12:44 PM, Blogger David said...

yeah, it was a great session. cliff rocked!


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