Monday, October 23, 2006

IL06 - Web 2.0 Challenge For Libraries

Web 2.0 Challenge For Libraries – Paul Miller
[my comments in brackets]

∑ Talis 2.0 whitepapers (
∑ Open library
∑ shared innovation – open niche innovation
∑ discussion w/users – engage w/community
∑ system broken,not user
∑ break up lib systems, sell as modules so customize to meet needs, open systems
∑ mashup competition – ann arbor, second life lib
∑ take service to users where they are
∑ talis innovation directory (
∑ falling cost of storage/ comp power
∑ more connectivity – broadband etc
∑ camera phones/ photo sharing – participate add value
∑ open source – not nec free, spend $$ in dif ways
∑ open data – more access to data, too much control now
∑ open api
∑ architecture of participation – blog, tags etc just means to participation, part. = whats impt
∑ - good humor bout lib, lets users add content
∑ vendors not participating in convo for must part
∑ pines – [go ga!] Open source lib system, still lib system tho, just replaces current system [chance for more adaptability down road? More flexible than commercial ils maybe]
∑ open data – lipstick on silo, data still in silo, data should be accessible [confidentiality laws for lib records some places?]
∑ CC doesn’t work for data, talis community license – freedom to use share modify data
∑ Open systems: silkworm dir ( greasemonkey scripts (amazon-lib/ librarything)/ aquabrowser – sits on top of catalog ( – open data makes building systems quicker and easier
∑ Liberate the data/ get data to users/open open open/shared innovation


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