Wednesday, October 25, 2006

IL2006 Wrap Up

Well, IL2006 is now officially over. I took a few notes on the sessions I went to today but since they'll be posted other places by better session bloggers than me I'm not going to post them. Check out the IL2006 Technorati tag for great conference coverage. And the flickr tag for photos. I'll finish posting mine in the next few days. And fill in a little more blogging too.

I really enjoyed the closing keynote by Elizabeth Lane Lawley. She talked a lot about the gaming world and how many live games can be used to reclaim unused public spaces, including possibly libraries. The whole area of gaming, both online and live games, is something I don't know a huge amount about and the talk really got me interested in investigating this world a little more. I was sitting next to Michelle Boule who told me about some cool game stuff that she knows about too.

The Blogging Update sessions featuring Karen Coombs and Aaron Schmidt was good. As was Steven Cohen's What's Hot With Social Software talk. With a couple of exceptions, everything I went to was very informative. And I got to meet and talk to some really interesting people, both old and new. So another great conference experience.

Off to dinner tonight with the blogging posse and then back to SF tomorrow.


At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Cliff said...

He speaks!

At 11:17 AM, Blogger David said...

Nice! I never knew I gestured so much when I speak. lol.


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