Monday, October 02, 2006

The User At The Center

Registration is now open for the ACRL Fall Virtual Institute: The User At The Center. The institute takes place on November 9 and the presentations will be archived. I'm going to be part of the excellent group of speakers, talking about podcasting. My talk is called Podcasting: A Primer For Libraries. Here's the abstract from the program:

Podcasting is one of today's hottest social computing applications. Amateur broadcasters and large media organizations are embracing podcasting as a method of distributing audio content, and "podcast" was named the 2005 word of the year by the editors of the New Oxford Dictionary. But what can this emerging technology do for libraries? This webcast explores how different libraries are using podcasts for outreach and learning, including tips on what types of content work for library podcasts. Information on how to plan for and implement podcasting at your library will also be provided.
After a very brief introduction to podcasting, we'll examine and discuss how libraries are currently using podcasts to communicate and collaborate with their users, talk about the process of planning podcasting at your library and go through the steps of creating a basic podcast.

Take a look at the institute website for a complete list of program descriptions. There are some great speakers so it will be a very interesting day!

The registration deadline is October 26.


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