Friday, November 03, 2006

New Podcast Stuff

I've had a couple of podcasting related things in the "to post" file (ie my head) this week but for some reason MPOW expects me to go to meetings, work on the ref desk and teach classes for some reason when I get home from conferences. This greatly cuts down on blog time. :) So here we go...

This has been noted a couple of other places but I got to meet Troy Swanson from Moraine Valley Community College at IL. I spoke with him and a couple of colleagues on the phone a bit ago about setting up podcasting for their library. And now it's live! They've got a couple of events up so far which look great. Make sure to check out Troy's post to their development blog (super cool!) about their planning process and linking what they're doing with the library's mission statement. A great example of tech planning in general! Great model all the way around.

Speaking of IL, I've started posting my presentation materials on a wiki to try to keep info more current. In the past I was making pages on my work web space for talks, which made things like lists of tools and articles pretty static. Now I've got a page for podcasting tools and one for library related resources like articles and such that I'll link to the page for each talk. Super easy! These are a work in progress, but I guess that's really the nature of a wiki. A perpetual work in progress.

One thing I want to have on the library podcasting page is a collection of links to presentations people have done about their podcasting projects. Christine Drew from WPI sent me a link to her recent talk at Dartmouth (thanks Christine!) and I linked to Chris Kretz's HEBC presentation about the Omnibus. I would love to link to more to give a good range of real world examples of how people are planning for and using podcasts. So if you're podcasting and talking about it and want to share, send me a link and I'll post it.

I was going to post my IL talk but realized it made no sense whatsoever without narration. So it's going to be my first test of screencasting with Camtasia next week. Fun.


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