Tuesday, December 26, 2006

5 Things You Don't Know About David Free

I popped into Bloglines after a few days and noticed that David Lee King tagged me to tell you 5 things about me you don't know. So here we go...

1. I've never lived outside Georgia.
2. If I could be any animal, it would be a kitty cat.
3. For Christmas I got 4 cds, 2 DVDs, 2 books, a shirt, a Blue Snowball microphone, and a gift certificate to Goner Records in Memphis. I'm sorry if I forgot anything.
4. I'm a huge fan of Belgian beer. My dream vacation is to take a tour of monestaries and other fun brewing places in Beligum. But I will drink a Belgian beer with you pretty much anytime or place. I'm very sad that Computers In Libraries isn't within walking distance of the Brickskeller in DC this year.
5. My first "real" job was working at Burger King. I then worked at a grocery store deli. I got a job at the UGA Library in 1987 because I didn't have to work with food. Other than a telemarketing stint when I moved to Atlanta, I've worked in libraries ever since.

Hopefully you at least didn't know one of those. I will now tag Michelle Boule, Cliff Landis, Karen Coombs, Meredith Farkas and Beth Hoffman. I don't think any of you have done this yet.


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous david lee king said...

OOOHHHHH, a Blue Snowball. Those are COOL!

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Mary Carmen said...

Snaps on the Belgium beer. Everyone calls me a beer snob, but I insist once you go Belgium, you never go back! Glad to meet another librarian who I can share a Westveletern with.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger David said...

Mary - If this was MySpace you would go straight to my top 8 for the Westie reference! Here I am drinking one:

Me N Westvleteren

We'll have to meet up at CIL/ACRL/ALA/IL/ misc conference and have a couple of beers sometime. Definitely nice to meet another librarian beer snob.


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