Monday, December 04, 2006

AHSLC Presentation

On Friday I went to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to talk about podcasting for an Atlanta Health Science Library Consortium meeting. We had an interesting discussion about podcasting issues and social software in general. My presentation is available on my wiki and here is a handy link:

Podcasting: A Primer for Health Science Libraries (PPT)

Before I spoke, Tim Daniels from Georgia State talked about a plethora of social softwares including blogs, wikis, IM, Flickr and He pointed out a few interesting resources I hadn't seen before including David Rothman's community health and patient information custom Google search,Ganfyd (a wiki-based "medical knowledge-base", and the MedWorm searchable database of medical related RSS feeds. Very cool. I've been out of health science librarianship for almost three years now so it was very cool to get somewhat caught up in that world.

So it was an interesting and informative afternoon! And I got to see a couple of old friends and former colleagues to boot. Thanks for having me (and thanks to my colleague Steve Koplan for getting me involved) and please let me know if there are any follow-up questions or if you start using any of the social softwares we discussed at your library!


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