Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ELI2007: Podcast IT: Preparing Faculty for Academic Podcasting

Michael Burke, Susannah Finley, Joan Thomas - University of Tennessee Innovative Technology Center

Online version of presentation

Instructional applications: lectures (passive), students recording experiences of field trips/ study abroad, review materials

think about/ include objectives for podcasts - use as interactive tool (foreign lang ex)

Berkeley Example {nice site}

Circulate equipment for faculty recording

Hosting: created homegrown system, use desktop mac and apache webserver to run, have lots of training materials available

{Very good preplanning checklist for faculty}

Results just need to be good enough to accomplish goals

Journalism class test: 72% of students rated excellent or good {case studies in online version of presentation}, simliar results in other pilots

Future at ut: more integration w/ BlackBoard, make accounts easier to use, upgrade hosting/ storage

Convergence of devices will be big in future


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