Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ELI2007: While You Were Out: How Students Are Transforming Information And What It Means For Publishing

Kate Wittenberg - EPIC

EPIC - collab bet library/publishing/IT, rethink print pub models, develop content in response to scholar and student needs (publishers usually don't do market research)

readers' changing habits: google, library as social/work space, myspace etc (vibrant creative areas for creative expression), gaming, electronic devices for info access

tools and functionality built on top of content just as impt as content

scholarly publishers focus on protecting content for "proper" use, dissaprove of sudent use of tech fr entertainment

future of scholarly pub: rich digital pubs/ storage and delivery for multiple devices/ interoperative with online networks and gaming community - move forward thru partnerships/guidance from users

new models:
networked space for learning - discussion on class projects/ collaboration on media projects/ professors and librarians create profiles and offer suggestions

publisher portals - add value by working together to build spaces online based on subject expertise (requires publisher to work together and work with search companies)

educational gaming - create games with specific learning objectives in particular field, students don't like traditional textbooks - use resources to teach in online gaming environment for collaborative learning

credibility of content: students not so good at evaluating quality

quality assessment models: top down VS peer to peer (community decides value of content) - does learning become process of being admitted to community rather than receiving expert knowledge {does this completely remove any possible wide definition of quality? "quality" in one group might not be quality in another}

one approach: educational resources that combine teachers materials/ lib holdings/ open web/ social space

next gen publishing: understand users/ integration of skills of authors, publishers, libraries, IT/ ability to create and lead collaborative organizations - value of all players and coordinate


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