Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ELI2007: Youth, Privacy and Social Networking Technologies

Tracy Mitrano, Cornell University

{The guy sitting next to me at this session won a super cool office chair in a raffle. Unfortunately he lives in Cairo. Egypt, not Georgia.}

web 2.0 - o'reilly: "what is web 2.0?"

"wealth of networks"

pew: 55% of teens have online profile, 66% not visible to all users - mainly use to talk to/ keep up with/ make friends

what's the fuss about: criminals push tech envelope - have to build protections into virtual world as in physical

Cornell University Computer Policy and Law Program {lots of good presentations}

computer interaction tends to lower inhibitions - human computer interaction/ deep relationship with computers

"Thoughts on Facebook" {good tips for users}: students branding themselves online, growing to larger audience but adding protections to give choices in who can view profiles, educate on physical safety and privacy

"A Wider World" - follow-up article from Educause Review

maybe move towards more "appropriate" use - not as much debauched behavior {really?}, universities looking at FB in student interaction, need to be transparent and careful

facebook has good privacy and appropriate use policies

higher ed should develop own social networking sites {would students want to use for purely academic purposes?}


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