Thursday, March 29, 2007

ACRL Day 1

I arrived in Baltimore today and made it to the conference center in time to register and catch the opening session with Michael Eric Dyson. I was looking forward to his talk and he didn’t disappoint. He covered topics ranging from literacy to the state of the black community. It was a very politically charged talk but very entertaining and thought provoking. And he rapped selections from Nas, 2Pac, Snoop, and Rakim! Best line: “I may be preaching to the choir, but the choir needs to sing better”. I did notice several folks leaving during the talk, so maybe it wasn’t for everyone. But he did give mad props to librarians.

Afterwards, we hit the exhibits, and then heading to the Wharf Rat for dinner and drinks. And ending up sitting next to fellow ACRL conference blogger SaraRanger, although I didn’t know she was a fellow blogger at the time. It was cool enough that she works with Michelle.

I’ve got Flickr pics!

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