Tuesday, March 13, 2007


In a nice piece of irony, LibrarianInBlack noted that the BBC reached a deal with YouTube to offer a few channels of clips of programming on the same day I saw another article on CNN.com about Viacom suing YouTube/ Google for {dr. evil}one billion dollars {/dr. evil} for copyright infringement.

While I generally think references to the cluetrain are getting kind of predictable and tired, which of these media giants is relaxing with a Pimms cup in the dining car and which is still trying to find its way to the station? Even though Viacom has commercial interests in other online media companies, I can't see where it would hurt to work with the one site that your net-phobic friends and relatives have actually heard of. Hopefully everyone can make nice out of court and watch some cute kitty videos together.

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