Sunday, April 01, 2007

ACRL Day 2

Why yes, I am just getting around to posting an update on the second day of the conference. The couple of sessions I attended in the morning were OK. I did manage to get a few tips on gaming and getting training on library resources to distance learning faculty, but neither session really held my attention. The content was there but the presentation styles were somewhat lacking. I’m certainly not a stellar public speaker but I really do think that as academic librarians, we can do better than we do in this area, whether at a conference or in the classroom.

John Waters did a keynote luncheon which wasn't completely library relevent (although he did talk about libraries and reading some) but very entertaining. It was pretty much what I expected and was great! I got to meet him afterwards for the ACRL podcast (I'll post more about this when I get home)and he was very gracious and funny.

I spent the evening exploring the Fell’s Point neighborhood about a mile or so from the conference center. I ran across a great little indie record store and had a great dinner of tapas and sangria followed by a couple of pints at a great low key Irish pub. Unfortunately, I didn’t note the names of restaurant or pub. But there are lots of great choices for both in the area.

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