Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Princeton Public Library Poetry Podcasts

The Princeton (NJ) Public Library is celebrating National Poetry Month with a podcast series featuring a reading by a different poet every day in April. Their blog for the project features pics and a little bio of the poets along with the text of the works read. What a great use of podcasting to highlight a cultural event. Hopefully they'll keep it up beyond this month.

Janie Hermann has a post on Library Garden with a little more detail about the project. One cool thing I learned is that the online hosted version of WordPress has free Flash audio players available for your podcast blog. Something to consider if you're looking at blogging solutions. I think Janie is doing a CIL cybertour right after mine next week so I might have to pick her brain about the project while she sets up. I promise I won't talk for more than 18 minutes Janie!



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