Thursday, May 17, 2007

GUGM 2007: Lies, D@#n Lies, and Missing Teeth

UGA folks

pay stats/ free stats:
first search
google gvt search
umich gov docs

ad driven metasearch:
nationmaster -mashup w/ wikipedia (content from wikipedia), limited search
statemaster - state version, comments under each page of stats, related sites links weird

open bible - bible/ google earth mashup, cool use of free info

impt to evaluate info from pay/ ad driven sites: purpose/sources/geography/years/content/viability/functionality
- good site, housing stuff, nice run down of contents of sources, data from other sources in new interface

social networking + online stats:
swivel- shows source for stats, comments etc, see what other people are doing, can upload your own spreadsheet info or type in yr own data, very current

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