Friday, June 22, 2007

ALA2007 - The Hyperlinked Library

Michael Stephens - Dominican University

Librarian 2.0 is a trendspotter.

Have to market what the library can do. People don't know what we can do, esp online. Go to wikipedia instead of lib resources. (OCLC perceptions report)

Libs should: Evolve/ let go of control/ be visible in person and online.

Rethink physical reference space. Go beyond ref bunker.

Don't ban technology because it is technology. Have sane policies.

Have open/ honest conversations.

Be transparent. Open human conversation.

Speak in a human voice.

CPL patron blog

Catalog as blog - Plymouth State University: patron comments, let's patrons become engaged.

{I can now cut my Ohio University audio tour slide! Thanks Michael. ha}

Plan with your users. Listen to your users.

UIUC Facebook ap

Hennepin County hacked catalog to allow comments. Bookspace.

Go where the users are.

It looks like fun!

Have presence in the lives of your users.

Text/ SMS notifications in future. Good option for reference.

Give staff a sandbox to play with new tools before launching. Make it fun! Post cool pics etc. Doesn't have to be work related to learn.

Blog your library meetings. McMaster emerging technologies group.

Thrown out the culture of perfect. {/blogging}


Learn from gamers. It's OK to make mistakes and back up if you need to and regroup.

Second Life reference questions are growing. 200/ week!

Build library renovation projects in Second Life first and let users take a look and comment.

Create a culture of trust. Trust staff. Trust users.

Library 2.0 Squidoo and Ning sites.

1. Be a trendspotter
2. Form emerging tech committee
3. Try Learning 2.0 programs
4. Create a "What's New" blog
5. Explore presence

learn to learn/ adapt to change/ scan the horizon



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