Thursday, June 28, 2007

BIGWIG Audience

Yesterday David King proposed that the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase was the most attended program at ALA 2007, counting both the in person groups of 30 or so and the online audience. Cuz you didn't have to be physically there. As I'm not really doing anything but mapping directions to Target and IKEA in Chicago, I decided to add up all of the presentation page views from the wiki, plus the number of folks who watched the Twitter screencasts. I don't have the numbers for any of the other interactive content.

The unofficial audience for the showcase as of 12:30 EDT today is:


I haven't seen actual numbers of physical attendees for ALA, but let's assume that it is around 20,000. So that's about a THIRD of the people who came to DC. Of course people probably watched multiple presentations, but still. That's pretty awesome. And since the material is available online the number is only going to go up.

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At 11:10 AM, Anonymous david lee king said...

Oh yeah - that's what I'm talking about!

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Martha Hardy said...

Maybe Twitter was the better way to participate from afar. I was in the Meebo room and felt a bit left out, despite periodic updates. Perhaps there is some application that would allow more multimedia participation, including audio, the ability to call in (ala Talkshoe), chat, and screen casts. Love the concept, though. Can't wait for the next iteration.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger libraryman said...

Next time, we can do a couple live audio podcasts from a couple of the tables?

I left my numbers on David's Blog last week, but will check in again this week for updated #s.

This is very significant stuff! So honored to be a part of it!

At 5:56 PM, Blogger David said...

Yeah, I think trying to use TalkShoe, or whatever similiar service exists in a year, would be a good way to get a live audio component in there. The one thing I don't like about TalkShoe so far is that you have to call in via a phone line to talk. It could work that way, but being able to set up a mic would be better.

I'm sure Michelle and Karen and Jason will come up with some interesting improvements for next time. And there is always the asynchronous discussion going on online and the ability to view screencasts and other presentations on the wiki. But yeah, some sort of live distance discussion component would be super cool. And maybe I could play along that way from whatever ACRL meeting I'll be in at the time next year. ;)


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