Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Classroom Will Now Be Podcast (Again)

Due to good response and registration last time, I'll be presenting the ACRL e-learning webcast "The Classroom Will Now Be Podcast" again on July 10th. The webcast will start at 2pm EDT, 1pm CDT (my new timezone) or 11am PDT depending on where you live. I thought the session went really well last time and I'm going to incorporate a few of the questions into this version. Here's the description from the ACRL website:

Podcasting is an emerging technology that allows for the easy online distribution of media files. The use of podcasts for both personal broadcasting and as a media tool has grown greatly in the past couple of years. Many institutions of higher education are now utilizing this technology as a method of distributing promotional and educational content. This webcast explores the growing usage of podcasting in higher education and examines how academic libraries fit into the educasting environment. The session focuses attention on examples of podcasts as classroom and library instruction tools and examines how academic libraries can become more integrally involved in podcasting efforts on their campuses.

This Webcast will last approximately an hour and a half.

You can register on the ACRL site. And yes, there is a reasonable registration fee for the session. Again, please don't yell at me for doing something not free.

You may be thinking "Isn't he moving to Chicago around then? Is this guy crazy?" And the answer would be yes. And yes. The presenter bio is slightly misleading as I will technically be unemployed at the time. But the webcast will be fun and informative. And I promise there will be clips this time.

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