Sunday, July 22, 2007

GLLS2007: Role of Gaming in Libraries

Scott Nicholson, Syracuse University SIS

  • 2nd part of "bearded white guy trilogy"
  • lack of basic research in gaming and libraries
  • study #1: "role of gaming in libraries: taking the pulse"
  • study #2: "gaming census" - not out yet
  • {i lost the game. but everyone wins one!}
  • supporting gaming in library isn't anything new - had chess club etc back in the day
  • almost half of libs surveyed supported board games
  • about 75% support gaming/ about 80% let people play online on lib computers
  • 44% of libs in survey 2 that supported gaming programs circulated games
  • gaming in libs isn't just DDR, it is board games etc too
  • 2,473 gaming programs in 2006 described/ 179 unique programs - lots of repeats because popular
  • half of gaming competitive, more in academic libraries
  • most programs console games: half of all programs DDR!
  • why? mostly to provide some sort of entertainment, also support current users and attract underserved users/ increase role as community hub
  • #1 single goal = bring in new users, entertainment is way down list of single most impt goals
  • 77% of game program attendees came back for non-game related library services (more than used other services at time of game program)
  • 73% improved social connections w/ friends
  • 65% improved social connection w/ strangers
  • entertainment not main goal, focus was on patrons
{he would ROCK as a teacher!}

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