Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Groeten van Holland

Hello. I am currently in Tilburg, Netherlands getting ready for my podcasting and videocasting talk tomorrow. Everyone has been super nice so far, and the computer lab and classroom rock. They have a great setup.

The trip has been fun. I hung out in Brussels and Ghent for a couple of days before arriving in Tilburg yesterday. An obscene number of photos are available on Flickr. I have decided I take way too many photos when I travel.

A couple of things I've learned:

1. Musuems are closed on Monday in Belgium. This is not good if you are planning on visiting them on a Monday. If I had bothered to read the guidebooks I bought, this problem could have been averted.

2. Bring a clock. None of my hotel rooms have had clocks. I use my cell phone for a watch, and it doesn't work in Europe so I have no idea what time it is most of the time. Which isn't a bad thing, except when I wake up in the middle of the night.

3. I've used Blogger so much that I can navigate it with no problem in Dutch.

I'm heading to Amsterdam sometime on Friday and then back to Chicago on Sunday.

Vaarwel voor nu.

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