Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lebanon, Mississippi

Nothing to do with libraries, but there was a fascinating story on Morning Edition this am about Lebanese food culture in the Mississippi Delta. A lot of the story took place in Clarksdale, which I visited several times when I lived in Georgia and made semi-regular trips to the Memphis area. Apparently there is a decent sized population of people of Lebanese heritage in the area. I've actually visited at least one of the BBQ places in the story that serves kibbe every Sunday. It is definitely worth a listen, and the text on the Morning Edition page is pretty comprehensive too. And now I am hungry for some Taste of Lebanon.

Thanks to a conversation on Twitter, I am now listening to the first album by Chicago (or Chicago Transit Authority, as they were called then)on Rhapsody. I actually like the first 3 or so Chicago albums. They have a pretty interesting mix of heavy guitars, vocal harmony, horns, and not much Peter Cetera sappiness. The guitars on CTA are especially nice and psych-ish. Worth a listen for free at least.

I'm going to try to return to the regular weekly publishing schedule this weekend. And am still going to write about the Midwinter experience from the staff side as well. I promise.

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At 7:19 PM, Blogger royce said...

A comment on your Chicago phase. I have rediscovered some new tunage as well. Roy Wood, formerly of Wizzard, formerly of ELO, originally from the MOVE....hard to figure this guy out.
Hippy one day, groove rocker, and then psuedo glamster. Weird.

Look forward to more content from Free.


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