Monday, March 17, 2008

A Perfect Day To Chase Tornadoes

As you probably heard, there were some crazy bad tornadoes over the weekend in Atlanta. There was a lot of destruction in downtown and the path moved very close or through several areas of town where I used to live or spend a lot of time or had friends live. Scary!

Today one ATL friend send me a couple of interesting tornado-related links:

1. Google Map tracking the path of the storms. It has notes about various damaged locations and everything.

2. Flickr set of damage in East Atlanta, the last neighborhood I lived in before moving.

Very cool use of technology to document a disaster in an immediate way. As far as I know, all of my ATL peeps are fine, and perhaps even have power now.

I usually don't document the obscure song references, but the title of this post is a song by an amazing Florida singer/songwriter named Jim White. Here's a video of him singing it on Swedish television.

And for some ATL flavor, here's Jim performing his song "Alabama Chrome" at Criminal Records. I used to spend too much money there. A prize to the first commenter who correctly identifies what "Alabama chrome" refers to.

Unfortunately, I think it is going to take more than Alabama chrome to fix the damage in Atlanta. Take care down there, everyone.

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