Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SSP 2008: Digital Preservation - Part 1

Daniel Dollar – Yale University Medical Library

shifting formats: content (online journal version of record/ digital backfiles)/ scholarly sharing/licensing/usage (COUNTER compliant)/accessibility (easy/clear path to content, no passwords, open url)/ownership(purchase content not lease, archival access rights, post cancellation access to content you subscribed to)/preservation (trusted 3rd party)

CLIR study – E-Journal Archiving Metes and Bounds (2006): archiving programs of non-profits working w/ peer reviewed lit published in digital form, international scope
*7 indicators of viability: explicit mission/negotiate rights/identify titles/ minimum defined services (receive store, guard)/ preserved into available/ organizationally sound/work as part of network (sharing, coordinating)
*Conclusion: current license terms for libs mostly inadequate, viable options emerging, no single program will meet all needs, coverage uneven, libs should influence developments, programs need greater support transparency

Digital repository certification: Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification (TRAC): Criteria and Checklist – Center for Research Libraries doing in US

Section 108 Study Group Report {woohoo!} – libs/museums have clear rights to make preservation copies in print, not so clear in digital

{Yale Medical Historical Library has a steak that Pavlov autographed preserved in formaldehyde! Coolest thing ever.}

Conclusions: online journals are version of record (Yale Medical only collects e-versions, don’t subscribe to print-only journals)/ issues are complex (technical/risks/costs/trust)/ submit content to certified and trusted 3rd party preservation archives (submit to more than one – Yale uses LOCKSS and Portico)

{Sounds like Yale Medical does lots of cool, comfortable stuff with space and electronic environment. Get out of the library and into residency spaces etc. Responding to needs of students.}

Q&A comments:
Multiple partners hedges on making the wrong decision at the present. Not good to depend on one system.

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At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Daniel Dollar said...


Thank you for nicely summarizing mine and the other presenters talks. (The Pavlov steak is pretty cool).


At 9:16 PM, Blogger David said...

Thanks Daniel. I thought the whole session was great and learned a lot. Sounds like you guys are doing good stuff at your library.


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