Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SSP 2008 - Digital Preservation Parts 4-5

4. Victoria Reich – LOCKSS/ Stanford Univ. Libraries

Libraries are memory organizations.

Questions: What should be preserved? Who do I want in charge? What does the archive cost? What am I preserving against?

Digital preservation is a continuous process and has to be dirt cheap. Key reason stuff is lost is economic.

LOCKSS: empowers libraries to build and preserve collections – keeps libraries viable. Heterogenous, decentralized system designed to fail slowly.

LOCKSS doesn’t: redistribute or republish content, get between publisher and reader, take hits away from publisher website. Content delivered to readers when your site is unavailable AND content is preserved in LOCKSS box. Content only available to authorized users of a particular library in same format as publisher website. {Why use this if using something like HighWire to deliver e-content?}

Web formats become obsolete when the majority of browsers no longer render that format. LOCKSS reader sees is result of best technology at the time of access – preserves context/reduces costs by migrating & processing content when needed by the reader.

No publisher costs, libraries pay on sliding scale (not subscription – helps libraries provide info w/o building new infrastructure).

CLOCKSS: Community of libraries and publishers working towards global archive. Community governed comprehensive archive (CrossRef). Keep preservation in expensive. Don’t charge for access.

Trigger=content not available from any publisher for sustained period of time with little chance it will become available again. Available content is open access.

Q&A Comments:
LOCKSS designed from a user perspective to deliver content at same URL they are used to. Branding very important.

5. Carol Richman – Sage

How repositories differ: stated purpose/ dark v light/complete backfile v current/ deposits (who? what? why?)/ rights transfer/ access control/ costs.

Graft: ceased publication 3 yrs ago, kept hosting on web but eventually allowed to be trigger event for LOCKSS/ Portico/KB – needed approval from all kinds of areas that it was good idea to release.
*discontinued due to lack of subscribers, archive released through Portico first and handles DOIs

Reactions: positive – system works/content available/DOIs will remain active/ Sage acted responsibly; negative – why did you cease journal?

Auto/Biography – purchased by Sage and discontinued, never existed in online version but being digitized and will be release through CLOCKSS/ Portico

Q&A comments:
Publishers should have at least 3 archival arrangements with different places around the world.

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