Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CIL 2007: Podcasting Cyber Tour

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This was the greatest session in the history of...

Oops, what I mean is thanks to everyone who came to my cyber tour yesterday. It was a way bigger crowd than I expected for the middle of lunchtime! I hope you all learned at least a little bit about podcasting. Make sure to take a look at the wiki page for the presentation for lots of hopefully helpful links and such. I'll have the presentation slides up as soon as I can too.

I thought the session went pretty well. I did manage to do it in around 20ish minutes and had time for a couple of questions before Janie Hermann was up. Mission accomplished.

4/20 Update:
The presentation is available online on the wiki and SlideShare. Just joined SlideShare today and it rocks! Will post post-conference slides here this afternoon when I get my pics up on Flickr.

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