Monday, April 16, 2007

CIL 2007: Web 2.0 And What It Means to Libraries

Lee Rainie - Pew Internet and American Life Project

{Very crowded}

"I adore librarians"

Showing Ask a Ninja video "about" podcasting {doh, can't use that one now!}

Web platform for computing

6 hallmarks of web 2.0 world:
1. Internet has become computer (broadband, wireless growing, people online a lot, 62% under 30 watch youtube vids)
2. Lots of people, especially young, creating and sharing content online (most blogging personal info for small audience)
3. More people are accessing content created by others {got Dooce confused w/Queen of Sky, but got point across}
4. Many sharing what they know and feel online
5. Contributing knowledge through sharing (peer to peer stuff - grid computing)
6. Customizing content (myyahoo etc)

5 Challenges for librarians
1. navigation
2. context
3. focus (best thinking, ideas in relaxation mode)
4. skepticism (learn to evaluate info)
5. ethical behavior (understand rules of cyberspace, privacy, when to disconnect)

Showing machine is us/ing us. {i love that video!}



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