Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CIL2007: Landscape of the Future Library

Darien Library folks

Library should be place in town that everyone wants to go

Goal 1: Build fantastic new library
Goal 2: Use tech to be more responsive to patron demands

Tolerate uncertainty

Eternal values/ new technology

{Showing plans for new library, looks cool. Hopefully slides will be online}

Collaborative work space

Technology change drives changes in space and services {or something like that}

Trying to do something different, not just put new tech on top of old style library

Library for patrons

"We need library failures wiki." - learn from mistakes as well as successes

Get it right, finally, and then keep changing to stay ahead

what is voice of library? not editorial omniscience (we know better than patrons), bardic voice that tells story.

tech layers: admin/ staff/ patron indirect/ patron direct/ p2p

RFID materials handling system - designed building around materials handling system (3m/ FKI)

Skip RFP process

No tech services or Circ back office/ no catalogers/ ts=workflow managers and not clerks - want to be indifferent to how materials get back to lib

Active items back on shelf in 20 mins, want to double circ and half cost per item

Supply chain - fast second order/ direct ship/ same day delivery { Griffey says wal-mart supply chain model, most definitely}

Everyone out in front of desk, circ staff readers advisory, info staff at remote ref points, virtual library, tech staff work with patrons - learning commons style environment in PL setting

Concierge desk style ref desk - not a bunker! {awesome photo of ref desk bunker}

no security/ gaming/ no data ports {how is that responsive to needs? everybody w/ laptop has wireless?}

Plugs under all chairs in conference room!! {yes!}

{This talk was really interesting! Debate about what they're doing in room and on Twitter!}

All private money for building.

{Audience concern w/ quality control with all the outsourcing of TS etc}



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