Monday, April 23, 2007

CIL2007: Podcasting and Videocasting Post Conference Redux

Both the podcast and awesome straw whistling videocast created by the audience at the CIL post conference are linked from my wiki page for the session. As is David Lee King's videocasting presentation.

We had a request to list the equipment and settings used for podcasting at the session. So here we go:

1. I record using a Blue Snowball USB microphone and Audacity. Output is saved as 96 kbps MP3 files. Make sure to download the Audacity LAME encoder when you download Audacity so you can save your content as MP3! I showed the libsyn file size chart in the session if you are interested in comparing file sizes for different compression rates.
2. I host the files for both of my work podcasts on liberated syndication, which is a sliding scale pay hosting service. This was the best solution for me when I started doing podcasting. As I said in the session, I highly recommend hosting your files on a local server if at all humanly possible. Or a free media hosting site like or OurMedia. I host personal and presentation podcasts and video on
3. The RSS feed for work podcasts is created automatically by lib syn and then Feedburned.
4. I post work podcasts on our news blog and a page on our website.
5. Our podcasts are included in iTunes, Yahoo Podcasts and a variety of other podcast search and discovery tools.

Hopefully that helps.

There was also a request for a screencast of exporting in Audacity. I promise I will get to this as soon as I can with a busy week at work. In the meantime, Audacity has a page of tutorials that will go over exporting and other Audacity features.

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