Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Take Me Down To The Crystal City...

...where the buildings are gray and the streets are windy.

In case you haven't figured out by the live session blogging, I'm in beautiful Crystal City, VA for Computers In Libraries. The conference has been going pretty well so far. All of the sessions I've been to have be very good. I especially enjoyed Helene Blowers' talk on Learning 2.0 yesterday. I'd never seen her speak before and she was great. She walked all over the room w/ her wireless presenter and was very interactive. I couldn't get online for some reason during her session but will post notes to that and the podcasting for library instruction session sometime today.

The space is a little (OK a lot) more crowded than it was at the old hotel, but that's about my only gripe. There have been overflow rooms for some sessions and a room with a pole in the middle too. I had to sit in the floor in the back in a couple so no notes from those.

As always, the best part of the conference is hanging out w/ old friends and making new ones. Talking libraries and Internets or just non-work fun stuff is the highlight for me for sure. And I actually managed to escape to DC for a bit last night for a couple beers at the Brickskeller. And the Twittering. Always the twittering.

One more day and post-conference to go!

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