Sunday, December 09, 2007

Surly Bender Phonebooth

No, I didn't forget your weekly consumables post. Just didn't want to include it in the Twitter Is Like... post.

This week I went on a Surly Bender. Literally and figuratively. There's a ton of new stuff on the menu at my local Belgian beer watering hole. One of which is called Surly Bender. Or the brewery is Surly, from Minnesota, and the beer is Bender. It is a brown ale/ porter/ APA hybrid with a tons of malty flavor. And is yummy. Very, very drinkable and has a low ABV even. Nice. And if you drink it when you're still somewhat sick and in a terrible mood you can text your friends that you are on a surly bender and convince them come hang out with you.

Fortunately for my week of being sick, I received a nice order of records from Goner. Including the new album my ATL acquaintances The Carbonas. It is the best thing they've recorded yet, and that includes some pretty monster 7 inches. Great songs, nice recording by Dave, short, sweet, and excellent. I'd heard all of the songs many times at their live shows when I lived in Atlanta, but I'm psyched to have "Phonebooth" an "Didn't Tell You A Lie" on the vinyl. Very nice melodic punk to play too loud when you come home from a surly bender.

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