Sunday, December 09, 2007

Twitter Is Like...

On Thursday, December 4 a little meme broke out on Twitter where people posted "Twitter is like..." thoughts. Here are as many of them as I could find. Names have been removed to protect the innocent. Sorry for the delay in posting, I've been sick with The Plague. Or whatever most cases of the plague actually were. I can't remember if that was a real conversation or an episode of House. But I have the real convo option narrowed to two parties. Anyway...

Twitter is like drunk sex w/ a friend: not nearly as intimate as you expected it to be, but still sexy & satisfying.

Twitter is likie drinks with @dwfree - makes you feel all nice and warm inside. {Awwww!}

Twitter is like sucking out my braaains...

Twitter is like an inside joke: no one gets why you do it unless they do it.

Twitter is like compressed infobursts, effin ay!

Twitter is like.... so. y'know. ... What was I doing?

Twitter is like sex without a condom. Sure it's fun, but you will probably regret it later.

Twitter is like crack for procrastinators.

Twitter is like cheating on your blog.

Twitter is like John Blyberg - You don't like it until you try it.

Twitter is like your drunk uncle at Christmas, sometimes you want the madness to stop, but you still wanna see where it's going.

Twitter is also like Paris Hilton: slutty and unfortunate.

Twitter is like a crack addiction without all the mugging, prostitution, and running from the cops.

Twitter is like a celestial bulletin board.

Twitter is like whippits.

Twitter is like ADD without the Ritalin.

Twitter is like drunk sex with @Joshuaneff.

Twitter is like being stuck in a massive kaleidoscope- ooh something shiny!

Twitter is like being in a room with your "friends", saying something really loud, and hoping that someone hears you.

twitter is, today at least, like my own personal weather forecaster!

Twitter is like having 10 IM windows open at once.

OMG! Twitter is like, totally bitchin', ya know?

Twitter is like english101 gone bad

Twitter is, like, another reason I, like, totally, looove innovation

Twitter is like a party in my phone!

Twitter is, like, totally awesome. (ok really i'm done. lunch over)

Twitter is quotidian packet hops.

Twitter is like being griefed in Second Life, but with fewer flying penises

(Twitter is instant gratification.)



At 9:46 PM, Blogger Peter Bromberg said...


I just added a bunch more of the "Twitter is like" tweets over at

Library Garden
. (and logged in to Twitter and added you to my "following"
list) :-)


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